The world’s first fully integrated Xe plasma source FIB with SEM enables extremely high ion currents up to 2 μA thus increasing sputtering rate more than 50 times compared to conventional Ga source. This predetermines FERA3 for milling big volumes of materials that were time consuming or impossible so far.

This new generation of scanning electron microscopes equipped with focused ion beam column provides users with the advantages of the latest technology, such as new improved high-performance electronics for faster image acquisition, ultra-fast scanning system with compensation of static and dynamic image aberrations or built-in scripting for user-defined applications.

They were designed with respect to a wide range of FIB-SEM applications and needs in today’s research and industry. The excellent resolution at high beam current values as well as the powerful software turns the TESCAN FIB-SEMs to excellent tools not only for the analytical but also for many other applications in different field of research and industry.

Modern Optics

  • A unique Wide Field Optics™ design with a proprietary Intermediate Lens (IML) offering a variety of working and displaying modes, for instance with enhanced field of view or depth of focus, etc.
  • Real time In-Flight Beam Tracing™ for the performance and beam optimization integrating the well-established software Electron Optical Design. It includes also direct and continual control of beam and beam current.
  • Fully automated electron optics set-up and alignment
  • Fast imaging rate
  • Unique live stereoscopic imaging using advanced 3D Beam
  • Technology opens up the micro and nano-world for an amazing 3D experience and 3D navigation

High Performance Ion Optics

  • Sophisticated high performance plasma i-FIB system for both extremely fast and precise cross sectioning and material removal

Rapid Maintenance

Keeping the microscope in peak condition is now easy and requires a minimum of microscope downtime. Every detail has been carefully designed to maximize microscope performance and minimize operator’s effort.

Automated Procedures

Automatic set up of the microscope and many other automated operations (like e.g. working distance, brightness, etc.) are characteristic features of the equipment. There are many other automated procedures which reduce the operator's tune-up time significantly, enable automated manipulator navigation and automated analyses. Built-in scripting language (Python) enables access to most software features, including complete microscope control, stage control, image acquisition, processing and analysis. Scripting enables users defining their own automatic procedures.

User-Friendly Software and Software Tools

  • User-friendly, most recent Windows operating system and user interface available in English and many regional languages, multiple user levels, multiple user accounts, multi-user environment.
  • Easy to use control of all SEM parameters, simultaneous FIB/SEM imaging
  • Live imaging with multiple window support, highly customizable live image parameters
  • Image management using Image Manager, report creation, on-line and off-line image processing
  • Project management using Project Manager
  • Embedded automated diagnostics (self-test)
  • TCP/IP remote control, network operations and remote access/diagnostics
  • Free SW bug fixes and updates


A fully PC controlled SEM with Schottky field emission cathode in combination with Xe Plasma Focused Ion Beam (i-FIB) column and optionally with Gas Injection System (GIS).


A fully PC controlled SEM with Schottky field emission cathode in combination with Xe Plasma Focused Ion Beam (i-FIB) column and optionally with Gas Injection System (GIS).

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