Triglav™ The new cutting-edge UHR column technology

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Experience ultimate resolution

The new TESCAN SEM column Triglav™ delivers a unique combination of immersion optics and crossover-free mode for UHR imaging at low energies. The single-pole type objective lens creates a magnetic field around the sample and dramatically decreases optical aberrations. Avoiding any crossover in the column reduces the Boersch effect and further optimizes the electron beam to yield superior resolution. Surface details of the specimen can be captured more reliably than ever before. For analysis, the TriLens™ technology improves resolution in the magnetic-field-free mode

Key benefits

  • TriLens™: Objective based on the advantageous complementarity of three lenses that enables multiple imaging modes
  • Unique combination of UH-resolution lens with crossover free mode for superb ultra-high resolution: 1 nm at 1 keV
  • TriSE™: Three SE detectors to capture the finest surface details
  • TriBE™: Three BSE detectors for angle-selective compositional contrast
  • EquiPower™: Excellent column stability ideal for time-consuming applications such as FIB-SEM tomography
Detector Resolution
In-Beam SE 0.7 nm at 15 keV
SE (BDM) 1.0 nm at 1 keV
STEM 0.7 nm at 30 keV


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