Quorum QuickLok, CoolLok and SEMCool updates

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PP3004 QuickLok - for details see:  PP3004

It si not  just a sample loading system, but more importantly it allows  transfer under vacuum or in inert gas. One of the main applications is the transfer of oxygen-sensitive samples, such as lithium battery  and solar cell materials, from a glove box environment to an SEM or FIB/SEM. For this purpose optional 25852 glove box is used as an transfer interface

PP3006 CoolLok – for details see: PP3006

Offers rapid transfer (using the PP3004) and cryo temperature observation of specimens for SEM, FIB/SEM, beamline or other vacuum systems. This does not replace the PP3010T, which is a full cryo preparation system (with cold fracturing, sputtering etc.), but might be useful for observing a range of solid, non-water based, materials under cryo conditions

PP3005 SEMCool – for details see: PP3005

The SEMCool is based on the PP3006 CoolLok but without the PP3004 QuickLok components. It is designed for cryogenic applications where airlock exchange of specimens into the microscope is not required.

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