TESCAN announced inauguration of the new production and administration building

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The gates of the new TESCAN´s building were opened for the expert and professional public on Wednesday, 18 September. The first phase of the new manufacturing and administrative complex in Brno - Kohoutovice has been finished and  the premises  are completely prepared to accommodate all employees and necessary equipment of TESCAN Brno, s.r.o. - the newly formed subsidiary of  TESCAN, a.s. The full operation started at the beginning of September. Over fifty guests including academics, researchers, contractors, local representatives and other invited business friends visited the administrative offices, production and R&D area, where reputable  hi - tech instruments are produced.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors Jaroslav Klima held a speech concerning the successful history of the TESCAN company during the inauguration ceremony. Jaroslav Klima summarized 22 years of the company history, noting that even a small Czech company is able to become one of the top 5  world branch leaders. Another two presentations gave the overview of the first stage construction  andintroduced (  the most ) upmost interesting applications where scanning electron microscopes are used. The visitors were also allowed to peek into almost all areas, where those complex devices are manufactured.

Construction of new production and office facilities   at  Libušina třída 1 was launched in early September 2012 because of insufficient capacity of the just two kilometers distant original headquarters Libušina třída 21. The new environmental friendly administrative-manufacture premises, which respect the peaceful character of Kohoutovice  resort, are equipped with state of the art technologies and ecological solutions. New clean rooms produce neither noise nor pollution.


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Source: http://www.tescan.com/en

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