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TESCAN GAIA3 brings together an ultra-high resolution electron column and high-performance ion column fitted onto a single chamber.


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Once again Bruker sets standards in performance and functionality in energy-dispersive spectrometry for the scanning electron microscope.


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3D EBSD Analysis


Explore a 3rd dimension of EBSD with Oxford Instruments NanoAnalysis. This powerful 3D EBSD solution combines  EBSD software syncronised with the milling capabilities...

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Q300T D

The Q300T D is a fully automatic, free-standing sputter coater ideally suited for thin film applications and for conductive coating of scanning electron microscopy (SEM) specimens.


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TESCAN is one of the global suppliers of scientific instruments. The company is building its reputation and brand name in the field of designing and manufacturing scanning electron microscopes and system solutions for different applications.

The company is focused on research, development and manufacturing of scientific instruments and laboratory equipment such as:

    scanning electron microscopes
    supplementary accessories for SEMs
    light optical microscopy accessories and image processing
    special vacuum chambers and custom systems
    detection systems
    scientific hardware and software development

Research & Development

TESCAN strives to keep improving continuously their products, which creates a competitive advantage for its customers.
The TESCAN brand is becoming established thanks to the company's participation in top research projects and cooperation with the leading companies in the field of electron microscopy and microanalysis. As a result, TESCAN's instrumentation and innovative solutions have won a leading position in the world of nano- and microtechnology.


Over 1200 SEM installations in more than 60 countries prove the highest technical solutions and first-class quality of TESCAN products.

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The LYRA3 FEG is a favorable combination of SEM and FIB for demanding users. It is based on a high resolution Schottky FEG-SEM column and a high performance FIB column.

This new generation of field emission scanning electron microscopes (LYRA3 series) provides users with the advantages of the latest technology...