A fully PC controlled SEM with conventional tungsten heated cathode intended both for high vacuum as well as for low vacuum operations. Outstanding optical properties, flicker-free digital image with super clarity, sophisticated user-friendly software for microscope control and image capturing using Windows™ platform, standard formats of stored images, easy image management, processing and measurements, automatic setup of the microscope and many other automated operations are among the characteristic features of the equipment.


Analytical Potential

  • The XM chamber label indicates an extra large analytical chamber with a full 5-axis motorized stage with extended movements
  • 12+ chamber interface ports with optimized analytical geometry for EDX, WDX and EBSD
  • First-class YAG scintillator-based detectors
  • Selection of optional detectors and accessories
  • Full operating vacuum can be reached within a few minutes with powerful turbomolecular and rotary fore vacuum pumps.
  • Investigation of non-conductive samples in the variable pressure mode (XMU) version
  • Several chamber suspension type options ensure effective reduction of ambient vibrations in the laboratory.
  • 3D measurements on a reconstructed surface utilizing 3D metrology software

VEGA3 Configurations

The XM configuration extends the microscope’s analytical capabilities, providing the ability to perform fine sample surface observation even with extra-large specimens. In today´s microscopy there are many applications where breaking off a small piece of the sample is impossible or highly inconvenient, particularly in situations where further analysis of the object is needed or for instance forensic applications so as not to affect the evidence. In all the above-mentioned cases, accommodation of the whole object  into the chamber is then extremely desirable.

An extra-large chamber model with extended stage movement operating at high vacuum suitable for a wide range of applications where conductive materials are investigated.

A variable pressure SEM that supplements all the advantages of the high vacuum model with an extended facility for low vacuum operation, enabling the investigation of non-conductive specimens in their natural uncoated state.


  • Measurement
  • Image Processing
  • 3D Scanning
  • Hardness
  • Multi Image Calibrator
  • Object Area
  • Switch-Off Timer
  • Tolerance
  • Positioner
  • Live Video
  • EasySEMTM


  • Particles Basic
  • Particles Advanced
  • Sample Observer
  • Image Snapper
  • DrawBeam Basic
  • DrawBeam Advanced
  • EasyEDX Integration Software
  • Input Director
  • 3D Metrology (MeX)
  • System Examiner
  • Cell Counter

Electron Optics:

Electron Gun:

Tungsten heated cathode/optionally LaB6

High Vacuum Mode (SE): 3 nm at 30 kV / 2 nm at 30 kV
8 nm at   3 kV / 5 nm at 3 kV
Low Vacuum Mode (BSE, LVSTD): 3.5 nm at 30 kV / 2.5 nm at 30 kV

1x – 1,000,000x
(for 5’’ image width in Continual Wide Field/Resolution)

Maximum Field of View:

7.7 mm at WDanalytical 10 mm
24 mm at WD 30 mm

Accelerating Voltage:

200 V to 30 kV

Probe Current:

1 pA to 2 µA

Electron Optics Working Modes:
Resolution: High-resolution mode
Depth: Sets the column up in a mode that enhances depth of focus
Field: Optimizes the column to provide a large non-distorted field of view
Wide Field: Provides an extra-large non-distorted field of view for extra low magnification imaging
Channeling: Working mode for assessment of crystal orientation data of the specimen, acquiring of electron channeling pattern (ECP)

Available modes in low vacuum are Resolution and Depth.


Scanning Speed:

From 20 ns to 10 ms per pixel adjustable in steps or continuously

Scanning Features:

Point & Line Scan
Focus Window – shape, size and position continuously adjustable
Dynamic Focus – in plane or folded plane tilted up to ±70 deg
Image rotation, Image shift, Tilt compensation
3D Beam –defined tilting scanning axis around XY axis
Live Stereoscopic Imaging
Other scanning shapes available through the optional DrawBeam software

Vacuum System:

Chamber Vacuum:
High Vacuum Mode: < 9x10-3 Pa* (mód dostupný s W i LaB6 katodou)
Medium Vacuum Mode: 3 – 150 Pa    (mód dostupný pouze s W katodou)
Low Vacuum Mode: 3 – 500 Pa**    (mód dostupný s W i LaB6 katodou)
Optional: 3 – 2000 Pa** (mód dostupný s W i LaB6 katodou)
Gun Vacuum:

for LaB6: < 3x10-5 Pa

Column Vacuum:

< 9x10-3 Pa*

Pumping Time after Specimen Exchange:

typically < 3.5 minutes

* pressure < 5x10-4 Pa reachable, optional vacuum gauge needed (on request)

** with low vacuum aperture inserted


Internal diameter:

285 mm (width) x 340 mm (height)


285 mm (width) x 320 mm (height)

Number of ports:

+Configuration and number of ports can be modified to customer’s needs.

Chamber Suspension:
Standard: Pneumatic
Optional: Active vibration isolation (integrated)

Specimen Stage:


Compucentric, fully motorized


X = 130 mm (–50 mm to +80 mm)
Y = 130 mm (–65 mm to +65 mm)
Z = 100 mm       

Rotation: 360° continuous
Tilt: –30° do +90°

Note: Range of the movements can be dependent on WD and configuration.

Maximum Specimen Height:

145 mm (without rotation stage)
116 mm (with rotation stage)

Chamber and stage optional:
Extended chamber
  Extended chamber with modified Y-movement

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