A fully PC controlled SEM with Schottky field emission cathode in combination with Xe Plasma Focused Ion Beam (i-FIB) column and optionally with Gas Injection System (GIS). Outstanding optical properties, flicker-free digital image with super clarity, sophisticated user-friendly software for SEM/FIB/GIS control and image capturing using Windows™ platform, standard formats of stored images, easy image management, processing and measurements, automatic set up of the system and many other automated operations are characteristic features of the equipment.


Analytical Potential

  • High brightness Schottky emitter for high-resolution / high-current / low-noise imaging
  • Sophisticated high performance plasma i-FIB system for both extremely fast and precise cross sectioning and material removal
  • Extraordinary resolution with powerful optional In-Beam SE Detector
  • Unique three-lens Wide Field Optics™ design offering the variety of working and displaying modes embodying the TESCAN proprietary Intermediate Lens (IML) for the beam aperture optimization
  • Real time In-Flight Beam Tracing™ for the performance and beam optimization integrating the well-established software Electron Optical Design. It includes also direct and continual control of beam spot size and beam current
  • Fast imaging rate
  • Beam Deceleration Technology (BDT) for excellent resolution at low beam voltages (optional)
  • In-Beam BSE Detector for BSE imaging at very short working distances (optional) suitable even for ferromagnetic samples imaging
  • High-throughput large-area automation, e.g. automated particle location and analysis
  • Superior specimen handling using a motorized compucentric stage
  • Ideal geometry for EDX and EBSD; non-distorted EBSD pattern
  • Fast and easy obtaining of the clean chamber vacuum by powerful turbomolecular and dry fore vacuum pump; electron gun pumping by ion getter pump
  • Fully automated microscope setup including electron optics setup and alignment
  • Network operations and built-in remote access/diagnostics, all come as the TESCAN standard
  • Unique live stereoscopic imaging utilizing the 3D Beam Technology
  • Extended low vacuum mode with chamber pressure up to 500 Pa for non-conducting specimens imaging
  • Unique ion-optical column differentially pumped (2 ion getter pumps) for ultra-low ion scattering effect
  • Motorized aperture changer in ion column with ultra-high reproducibility
  • Beam Blanker and Faraday cup included as standard accessories for ion column
  • Ultra-high resolution and excellent performance at high current with Xe Plasma i-FIB column
  • Automatic FIB cutting and signal acquiring followed by 3D reconstruction (tomography), allowing 3D EBSD, 3D EBIC etc. with integrated 3D visualization
  • Sophisticated software for SEM/FIB/GIS control, image acquisition, archiving, processing and analysis; multi-user environment localized in many languages

Software extensions:

All microscope functions are controlled by keyboard, mouse and trackball via the program FeraTC using Windows™ platform.


  • Measurement
  • Image Processing
  • 3D Scanning
  • Hardness
  • Multi Image Calibrator
  • Object Area
  • Switch-Off Timer
  • Tolerance
  • Positioner
  • Live Video
  • DrawBeam Basic
  • EasySEMTM


  • Particles Basic
  • Particles Advanced
  • Sample Observer
  • Image Snapper
  • Input Director
  • 3D Metrology (MeX)
  • 3D Tomography
  • System Examiner
  • 3D Tomography Advanced 1
  • 3D Tomography Advanced 2
  • Cell Counter

Electron Optics:

Electron Gun:

High brightness Schottky emitter

Resolution in High Vacuum Mode (SE): 1.2 nm at 30 kV
1.5 nm at 15 kV
2.5 nm at 3 kV
4.5 nm at 1 kV
In-Beam SE (option): 1.0 nm at 30 kV
1.2 nm at 15 kV
2.2 nm at 3 kV
4.0 nm at 1 kV
BD mode (option): 1.8 nm at 3 kV
2.0 nm at 1 kV
3.5 nm at 200 V
STEM detector (option): 0.9 nm at 30 kV
In-Beam BSE (option): 2 nm at 15 kV
Resolution in Low Vacuum Mode (LVSTD): 1.5 nm at 30 kV
3 nm at 3 kV
Resolution BSE: 2 nm at 30 kV

at 30kV: 1x– 1,000,000x
(for 5’’ image width in Continual Wide Field / Resolution mode)

Maximum Field of View:

6.0 mm at WDanalytical 9 mm
17 mm at WD 30 mm

Accelerating Voltage:

200 V to 30 kV/50 V to 30 kV with BDT option

Probe Current:

2 pA to 200 nA

Electron Optics Working Modes:
Resolution: High-resolution mode
Depth: Sets the column up in a mode that enhances depth of focus
Field: Optimizes the column to provide a large non-distorted field of view
Wide Field: Provides an extra-large non-distorted field of view for extra low magnification imaging
Channeling: Working mode for assessment of crystal orientation data of the specimen, acquiring of electron channeling pattern (ECP)

Available modes in low vacuum are Resolution and Depth.


Scanning Speed:

From 20 ns to 10 ms per pixel adjustable in steps or continuously

Scanning Features:

Point & Line Scan
Focus Window – shape, size and position continuously adjustable
Dynamic Focus – in plane or folded plane tilted up to ±70 deg
Image rotation, Image shift, Tilt compensation
3D Beam – defined tilting scanning axis around XY axis
Live Stereoscopic Imaging
Other scanning shapes available through the DrawBeam software

Ion Optics:

Ion column:



25 nm at 30kV at SEM-FIB coincidence point


minimum 150x at coincidence point and 10 kV (corresponding to 1 mm view field), maximum 1,000,000x

Accelerating Voltage:

3 kV to 30 kV

Ion Gun:

Xe Plasma Ion Source

Probe Current:

20 pA to 2 μA

SEM-FIB Coincidence at:

WD 9 mm for SEM - WD 12 mm for FIB

SEM-FIB angle: 55°

Vacuum System:

Chamber Vacuum:
High Vacuum Mode: < 9x10-3 Pa*
Low Vacuum Mode: 7 – 500 Pa**
Gun Vacuum:

< 3x10-7 Pa

FIB gun Vacuum:

< 5x10-4 Pa

Pumping Time after Specimen Exchange:

typically < 3.5 minutes

* pressure < 5x10-4 Pa reachable
** with low vacuum aperture inserted


Internal diameter:

285 mm (width) x 340 mm (depth)


285 mm (width) x 320 mm (height)

Number of ports:

+ configuration and number of ports can be modified to customer’s needs

Chamber Suspension:

Standard: active vibration isolation (integrated)

Specimen Stage:


Compucentric, fully motorized


X = 130 mm (–65 mm to +65 mm)
Y = 130 mm (–65 mm to +65 mm)
Z = 100 mm (Z = 90 mm with BDT option)

Rotation: 360° continuous
Tilt: –30° to +90°

Note: Range of the movements can be dependent on WD and configuration.

Maximum Specimen Height:

92 mm (with BDT rotation stage)
110 mm (with rotation stage)
139 mm (without rotation stage)

Chamber and stage optional: Extended chamber
  Extended chamber with modified Y-movement

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